Hart Modem driver wanted

Does anyone know of a Hart modem driver for v6? Or can anyone provide an available reference to the Hart specification so I can cobble up a simple interface to a Hart modem? All I wanna do is query a device on the other end of the modem.


Bill Nicholson

Cincinnati, OH USA

Without knowing what you are really looking for, it took me 2 seconds to type “hart modem specification” into google and get a bunch of potentially useful links. Try it and see if that helps.


I tried to describe what I was looking for in my original post and I did do the Yahoo/Google thing before I posted. There are indeed a lot of hits but none of them provided a resource for an existing QNX 6.x driver for a Hart Modem. I have found a company in Venezuala who will write one for $6000 and two months but that’s been the extent of my success. Hence my posting here.

Sorry, I was really talking about the second part of your post.

That part. ;-)


No problem. This has become a somewhat frustrating quest - the protocol seems to be a deep dark secret and I can’t find the info I need to create the interface.


There are some sources code on romilly.co.uk
No secret.
But not ready QNX6 driver - you need to wrtie it or yours task yourself