hung and prompt "Hit Esc for .altboot.............S&quo

my boot image size < 640k, it can boot from my develop host.
my developt host is Intel P4 + 512M ram.
my target is Intel 486DX + 8M ram.

if appear message that,
Hit Esc for .altboot…D
may be the disck is damaged.

But I dont understand this info,
Hit Esc for .altboot…S

Tell me why, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Post your build image that fails.

Sheesh, buildfile even.

[virtual=x86,bios] .bootstrap = {
startup-bios -Nmachine-name
PATH=/proc/boot:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/photon/bin LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/proc/boot:/dev/shmem:/lib:/lib/dll:/usr/lib:/usr/dll:/usr/photon/lib:/usr/photon/dll procnto
[+script] .script = {

Start up some consoles

devc-con -n4 &
reopen /dev/con1
display_msg ! Booting From .boot Now!
display_msg CARS WorldFIP Project, [](

Start the pci server

pci-bios &
waitfor /dev/pci

devb-doc doc addr=0xd0000 blk automount=hd0t77:/ &

zhxy add this line

devb-eide blk automount=hd0t77:/ &

Wait for a bin for the rest of the commands (up to 60 secs)

waitfor /dev/hd0t77 60

Some common servers

pipe &
mqueue &
devc-pty &

These env variables inherited by all the programs which follow


Start some extra shells on other consoles

reopen /dev/con2
[+session] sh &
reopen /dev/con3
[+session] sh &

Start a high priority shell just in case…

reopen /dev/con4
[pri=25 +session] sh &

Start the main shell

reopen /dev/con1
[+session] sh &
devc-ser8250 &	
Photon &
on -w /dev/photon -W10
/usr/photon/bin/devi-hirun kbd kbddev -r ps2 mousedev &

/usr/photon/bin/devi-hirun kbd fd -d /dev/kbd &

ps2 mousedev &

msoft -R fd -d/dev/ser2 &

/usr/photon/bin/phfontFA -d /usr/photon/font_repository -j -s 300k &

/usr/photon/bin/phfontFA -b10k -B0 -c10k -k50 -K20 -s50k -S20 -T1 -H -h &
on -w /dev/phfont -W10
fontsleuth -d /usr/photon/font_repository &

io-graphics -g800x600x15 -I0 -d0x02c,0xc0 -R60 &

io-graphics -g800x600x15 -I0 -P /usr/photon/palette/qnx60.pal &

-d0x1002,0x4c59 &

sleep 2
bkgdmgr &

sleep 5

pwm &
wmswitch &
pterm &

work_ui &

myapp &

[+session] login -p


Cheat and make the /tmp point to the shared memory area…

[type=link] /tmp=/dev/shmem

Programs require the runtime linker ( to be at a fixed location

[type=link] /usr/lib/

We use the “c” shared lib (which also contains the runtime linker)

Include the disk files so we can access files on DiskOnChip

filesystem required shared libs

Include a console driver


Include DiskOnChip driver


Include pci server


Okay, and how did you dinit your 486’s boot disk?

My disk is IBM DBOA-2540, may be too old. :cry:
I has been low level format the disk, the problem disappear.(use Maxtor low level format program called “low.exe” in DOS )

My prevenient step of dinit with the problem is here:
1.use fdisk: change->type(77)->start cyl(0)->end syl(523)->loader->boot->save->quit
2.reboot(prompt: Can’t mount )
3.dinit -h /dev/hd1t77
4.mount /dev/hd1t77 /hd
5.cp my.ifs /hd/.boot

may be the IPL don’t support the older hard disk format? :slight_smile:

I have a question about touchscreen.
The board PC : Advantech PPC-150T-RT
15" Embedded LCD Touch Panel
Main Features
15" XGA TFT LCD display
Touchscreen options :

  1. Microtouch’s Capacitive
  2. Resistive
  3. Strengthened Glass
  4. SAW(Surface Acousstic Wave) *With vandal-proof option for public site use
    Analog RGB signal input
    Open-frame architecture

It use /dev/ser4.

my script of config is here:

Photon -D 500 -R 500 -U 20 &
…(font, devi-hirun…, io-graphics…)…
devc-ser8250 3f8,4 2f8,3 3e8,10 2e8,5 &
devi-microtouch microtouch fd -d/dev/ser4 abs &

But when “calib” is running, I press benchmark on top-left corner, the benchmark jump to the bottom-right corner. (normal should be on the botton-left corner )
And I can’t active the button " Press to complete calibration ".
what’s wrong?

If I were you, I’d hit Esc when message appears. It seems to be DMA problem with your HDD - it doesn’t support this feature… :wink:

RTFM, please. ;)


If I correctly remember, “S” meant that the boot loader couldn’t find the boot image.

Possible reasons-

  1. Your disk geometry is wierd (eg formatted and dinit’ed for LBA and the booted as CHS)

  2. Surface is bad.

Hope the following quote from will be helpful: