Sis7018 sound driver

QNX works great on my AMD AthlonXP. However, the setup doesn’t recognize my motherboard sis7018 sound card chip. When I boot to QNX, I see an error message about no loading audio i/o due to sharing conflicts.

Any ideas?

I don’t think it is supported.
You might want to check with Mike to see if he is working on a port:

It is morbid question for me :slight_smile: Let me explain:

SIS7018 - completely compatible with Trident 4DWave-DX/NX sound card. QSS need to add some lines to code to detect it properly. So port is senseless :frowning: It can be done by QSS within 2-3 hours vs. doing port 2-3 weeks.

The same story with Audigy, it is compatible with SBLive (DSP part), so also port is senseless, QSS can do it easyly but don’t want for some reason …

Thanks for the reply. From reading the 6.2.0 help file, there appears to be some “issues” with

I’m ignorant. What does QSS stand for?

The issue with the sblive is that there isn’t even any compatibility between versions of the sblive. They have an on-board CPU that you need to program with micro-code and Creative doesn’t much like to release that information. Unfortunatly every SBlive rev has a different set of defaults for this onboard code.

Since March 26, 2003 has anyone wrote a driver for this?

Not that I have heard. You wanna write one?