scanning for devices - and the system hangs

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new to QNX RTOS, so please speak slowly…

Here’s my Problem: When i boot up my QNX (6.2.1) it comes to
“EIDE detected. Scanning for devices”
and thats it… no reaction anymore. the HDD-LED is still flashing but nothing happens. I think it is because of my CD drive (at least thats what I suppose after starting with verbose option).

I also tried altboot, that works for booting, but then the OS is incredibly slow.

So what can I do? Is there any way of booting without loading CD-Driver (I dont need it very often, and if so i could use altboot)?

Or do you have any other Ideas?
(Perhaps it’s not that slow because of disabled DMA, any idea what else could slow down the OS (CPU goes up to 100 % just by scrolling a page, and even this isn’t fluent at all))

The machine is a x86 (P4 2,5).

Thanks a million in advance

P.S.: If u find a spelling mistake, u can keep it.

The problem is DMA related, as you discovered. The “trick” is to find out how much DMA you can enable, without causing problems.

Take a look at the DMA options for devb-eide and look at what you have to pass diskboot in order to give devb-eide these options.

You will then have to modify /boot/build/ to use these options and build a new .boot file.

If you are not running 621Se or 621PE, you will not be able to do this. In that case, download 6.3 and start again - at least you can build new boot images in 6.3