How to create a Unrealized Widget with PhAB?

i’ll explain my problem and i’d like to hear some suggestion on how to solve it… please
i have this combobox containing 2 items and some other widgets disposed at the base window. if one of the items is selected, a label and a numericfloat should appear to the user. but if it’s the other one, the window may stay just as it is.
i thought the best solution would be creating these two widgets i need since the beggining (on PhAB), but unrealizing them at the same time. then, if one item is selected, i realize them; if it’s the otherone, i unrealize them.
the problems are: i don’t know how to create a unrealized widget with PhAB, just directly on the code; i don’t know if there’s a problem if i keep (un)realizing a widget sequentially, by pressing several times the same item on the combobox, for example…
thanks again! saulo

Create the widget in PhAB as usual, and use PtUnrealizeWidget() to hide it, to check if it’s realized or not you can use PtWidgetIsRealized(). You can use those functions on code created widgets or on the ‘ABW_’ notation names that PhAb creates.