Has anyone tried to install XFree86 for QNX? I don’t know even where to start :cry: . There are no readmes no nothing what would be helpful instaling XFree. Any ideas?


Use the Software installer, go to the QNX repository and check all the boxes with XFree in the title. That will install everything you need.

and XPhoton for rootless X


How to install package dwonloaded from this site? I need to know only for reference how to install these types of packages.


“Use the Software installer”

That’s the second icon down on the Shelf, the one below “Help”.

If you only want to run X applications, you can just use the XPhoton layer on top of the normal QNX Photon GUI. No need for the XFree 86.

If Photon doesn’t support your graphics card, or you have other reason to run X rather than Photon, here are the steps:

  1. download XFree 86 4.3 from OpenQNX project page
  2. su
    cd /
    tar zxf /whatever/directory/xf86-4301-qnx6-bin.tar.gz
    this should install XFree86 4.3 in your /usr/X11R6 and /etc/X11
  3. modify your $HOME/.profile to add
    export PATH=/usr/X11R6/bin:$PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/X11R6/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    this will make sure the binaries and libraries can be found.

Of course, you can"t run XFree86 server inside Photon directly, you will
have to exit Photon to the text console mode and then “startx”.
I configured my system to boot up into text console, so I can either
run “startx” or “ph” to get into either X Window or Photon.
If your system is configured to boot into Photon directly,
you can, as root, type:
touch /etc/system/config/nophoton
and the system will no longer boot into Photon.
(if you ever want to change back to automatically boot into photon,
simply remove /etc/system/config/nophoton)

To configure X Window, you need to run “XFree86 -configure”, which will
create a “XF86Config.new” file that you can copy into
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4. You may want to modify this file to change
some default settings (such as set your own default color depth).

Now everything is ready and you should be able to “startx” and enjoy.

If you need to run some photon applications occasionally, you
can do so via “Photon in X” (a.k.a. phinx). You can just type “phx” script to bring it up. Since phinx relies on phrelay, you will need to make sure the following lines are present and uncommented in /etc/inetd.conf :
phrelay stream tcp nowait root /usr/bin/phrelay phrelay -x
Of course, you have to make sure “inetd” is running.


Thank you VERY much. Think this should help out. But I want to ask one more question for reference. I download everything I need for Xfree to install and type sh Xinstall.sh and I get all contents of Xinstall.sh untill last line in function InstallUpdate() with error unexpected `xxx’. I can’t understand why I can run shell script Xinstall.sh??? If I write my simple shell script it works, but Xinstall.sh do not work with or without any parameters. What is wrong? Maybe Xinstall.sh isn’t for QNX ?


Xinstall.sh is NOT needed for the QNX Xfree86 installation, but to answer your question for reference:
Xinstall.sh uses some shell features that are not supported in QNX’s sh. If you install “bash” from the QNX online repository, you can modify Xinstall.sh and change the first line to refer to your bash location, then you can run “bash Xinstall.sh” …

BTW, I believe XFree86 team has “fixed” this issue and not use those “advanced” shell features in Xinstall.sh anymore in the latest XFree86 version.


Thank you very much for clearing all picture. I’m very thankful.


How to get XPhoton layer runs upon QNX photon GUI?
I have 6.2.1 third party application CD, should I install XPhonton (XFree86),
then things are done?


Yep, install it.

It will still need to be started each time, there was a replacement ‘ph’ script that does this for you. Can’t find it though :frowning:

Under FAQ, the instructions below is not enough to cover what to do.

You will have to install the XFree86 with XPhoton from the 3rd party CD, and then modify the /usr/bin
/ph script to replace all reference to /usr/X11R6 with /opt/X11R6 and Xphoton with XPhoton. Restart photon and you are all set."

how do I start xphoton? but I find I can run xpdf after installing XPhonton.

The replacement ‘ph’ script has all of that sorted already.

As for xpdf, it can only display something if XPhoton is already running.

The replacement ‘ph’ script does exact what was mentioned in the FAQ.
So once you restart photon, your XPhoton should be running. Check it just to make sure “XPhoton” is indeed running.

You should be able to run any X applications, such as xpdf, after that.

right. thanks.