Just wondering, has anyone successfully got ImageMagick to work on QNX, including JPEG and PNG delegates?

I had it running in QNX 4. Never tried QNX 6 (no need), but I would think it is an easy job.

the better question is why on eartrh would you want to :slight_smile:

poundsmack, if you’ve got any other suggestions for scaling PNGs and JPEGs with anti-aliasing, I’m very happy to hear them :slight_smile:

noc: The basic configure/make/make install goes fine, but it cannot seem to make use of the libpng or libjpeg even though I’ve passed all the requisite libdirs and include dirs to the configure script. This leaves me with a working ImageMagick, but it can’t do the two important file formats I need.

cant gimp do all those things?

Not from the CLI or in a shell script, to the best of my knowledge.

To noc:
Are there some info about ImageMagich in QNX4?
I’m interesting to convert BMP to PostScript format by ImageMagick convert utility.
Thank you.

OK, everyone here needs to be aware that QNX is an officially supported pkgsrc OS (

Next (and this is why it is pertinent to this discussion) ImageMagick is a pkgsrc package (

So once you have installed and configured pkgsrc on QNX ( … /Bootstrap),
then building ImageMagick should be absolutely trivial.

I try to install & build ImageMagick in QNX4.

It stop for me at configure step.

In QNX6 I finish configure and make with minimum afforts, but utilities not work.

Are there good expirience with ImageMagick in QNX4 (QNX6)?

Thank you.

To get most of this stuff compiling in QNX4 you should get gcc at ( from memory _