inode flags

I Try to undestand QNX4fs structures. Can anyone tell me what this flags means?

#define QNX4FS_FILE_USED			0x01
#define QNX4FS_FILE_MODIFIED		0x02
#define QNX4FS_FILE_BUSY			0x04
#define QNX4FS_FILE_LINK			0x08
#define QNX4FS_FILE_INODE			0x10
#define QNX4FS_FSYS_CLEAN			0x20
#define QNX4FS_FILE_GROWN			0x40

You can find some information in the Disk & File Recovery chapter of the QNX 4 Installation & Configuration guide. There’s another version – which looks suspiciously similar :slight_smile: – in the Backing Up and Recovering Data chapter of the Neutrino User’s Guide.

I can’t find chapter “Backing Up and Recovering Data” in QNX 6.2.1 PE!
In chapter “Disk & File Recovery” I found indormation about
QNX4FS_FILE_USED and QNX4FS_FILE_LINK. All other flags are not documented!!!

That “Backing Up and Recovering Data” is a chapter in QNX 6.3 User Guides. Here is the online copy: … =userguide

The QNX 4 Installation and Configuration guide that Steve mentioned can be found at … about.html

I also heard that the QNX 4 System Architecture is very helpful on understanding the QNX4FS. Actually, the Linux QNX4fs driver was written based on the information from that book.