slow ftp tranfer with QNX 6.1


I’m helping a user to develop his application using QNX6.1. Please don’t ask me to upgrade to QNX6.2.1or higher, because he is using in a sensitive environment and reluctant to do the upgrade things. :frowning:

But I’m now troubled by the slow ftp tranfer between my host and the QNX6.1 target. The transfer rate is always at 20k/s or so. Sometimes when I reboot the target, I can get a 150k/s transfer. I always got this problem with QNX 6.1 and 6.2, but never with QNX 6.2.1. Because I can’t upgrade to the higher version, can anybody tell me how to fix the slow transfer problem on the current QNX6.1?


Sounds like a network driver problem for your ethernet card in QNX 6.1.
My guess is the driver has some problem doing duplex/speed auto negotiation.
You can try to replace the ethernet card with a different brand and see.
Or you can try to play with io-net options to force speed/duplex rather than letting it auto negotiate.