bad rc.local, Help


I did a mess on rc.local,
put there
fs-cifs …

at boot I see message that smbd and nmbd cannot be found (I missed the path)
then the system hangs (probably at fs-cifs

how can I boot without rc.local processing so to change or remove lines ?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve started F5 (run a shell after mounting Filesystem)
and I can navigate \etc\rc.d
but then I’ve not on the path the command system
so I cannot run mv to rename the rc.local

can you indicate which path is mv so I can run it from there ?

Thanks in advance

Try /bin or/usr/bin, but it may compain about libraries if you have no env variables at all, you might be better off booting from the QNX CD, and using the editors on that.

You can either boot from CD and “fix” your rc.local file, or, you can boot your system into “debug shell” mode: press “Spacebar” during booting up, then hit “F5” for the debug shell. Once you are in debug shell (a.k.a “fesh”), you will have some limited commands available, such as “els”, “ecp”, “erm”, and “cd”. so you can
cd /etc/rc.d
ecp rc.local rc.local.bad
erm rc.local
now you should be able to boot up without the “bad” rc.local.
Once you are up, you can re-create the rc.local. Make sure don’t make mistakes this time :slight_smile:

Hi, noc.

I’m adding your advice to the Neutrino User’s Guide – in case anyone else does the same thing. Thanks!


  1. boot from HD,
  2. press F5, and wait for shell prompt
  3. type “exit” and wait for second shell prompt
  4. export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin

and you can mv/rm your /etc/rc.d/rc.local now


thanks all,
as I’m really new to QNX and Unix in general I ends up making another new installation of QNX,
on the new one I looked at where commands are stored and then got back in the work one,
boot with F5 and gave manual command from there.

Thanks all again,
also noc for your joke (but beeing newby it’s easy to be joked).

If you want to play again I’m starting a new thread for another problem.