FTP setup error?

I recently got my QNX machine online (after installing a Realtek 8139 NIC card because I could not get my on-board Intel Pro 10/100 VE to work). The system is set up for dhcp, and is starting up and going online with no problem. here is generally what i start in the netstart file (in order):

Net.rtl (<- From 4.25G, although I am running 4.25B currently)

I can telnet in/out without any problems, but I cannot ftp. I figure it is a setup error of some kind, but I haven’t dealt with it before and was hoping someone could help me out.

When I ftp to the QNX machine, I can connect and login with no problem. When I attempt to “ls”, I get this:
200 PORT command successful
425 Can’t create data socket (,20):Can’t assign requested address.

When I ftp out from the QNX machine, I can also connect and login with no problem, but when i “ls” I get this:
ftp: bind: Can’t assign requested address

Can someone tell me where I set this up wrong?


Is there a firewall and/or proxy between the QNX machine and your test machine? Especially when you ftp out from the QNX machine, were you trying to connect to an Internet server via your proxy?

When going from the test machine (WinXP) to the QNX machine, there is no proxy or firewall. They’re on the same network.

I’m not sure if I am hitting a proxy when I try to ftp from the QNX machine out, because I am using a different test machine (another QNX machine). Once again, I can telnet to that outside QNX machine with no problem, it’s ftp-ing that doesn’t work.

Are there steps I can take to test for whether it’s a proxy problem, or something else? Should I be able to telnet and ping these other machines if it was a proxy server problem(because I can and they both work)?

post your /etc/hosts, /etc/inetd.conf, /etc/services, /etc/netstart (exact command line options to Socket, etc) files.
post the output of “ifconfig -a”