QNX on a 486 ???

I want to put QNX 6.1 (which i downloaded from here, the windows installer version) on a 486 DX 66 with 16MB of memory, IDE CD DRIVE, SB card.

The DemoDisk worked great on this machine, but i want it to be more usable.

I installed to a fat partition on my main machine, and copied to to the 486 , which has a 1.2GB harddrive.

I changed the config.sys file, to match the new directories, and it starts to load, but then reboots, Also when booting the 6.1 boot disk, the machine reboots after a long line of … s

Any suggestions ? Will 6.1 run on this system ? Any help appreciated.

My guess is something may be messed up in the config.sys file, seeing as how it was installed as a file on a fat partiton another machine. I’d wipe the fat partition off and just have qnx take over the whole drive on its own native filesystem.

6.1 should run, but thats a slow 486 with barely any ram. Console mode should be just peachy, but forget about running the gui. I tried on a 100mhz w/32meg ram, it ran but the gui with 1 app open pretty much maxxed the ram out, which in turn rendered it basically useless.

6.0 however might be a better choice for a 486 if you plan to use the gui, although it wont be nearly as quick as the demo disk was.

p.s also disable ’ plug n play enabled os ’ in the bios if you have the option.

The “s” at the end of the dots is an error code when attempting to load the OS image, dunno the exact meaning but guessing and trying a few things usually works if it’s possible at all.

This is not a demo disc, it is the full development distro that QSS produces so don’t expect it to be configured for a small footprint.

Before we get stuck into troubleshooting this, do you know if that PC has a PCI BIOS and controller? Does it have PCI slots? If not then you aren’t going to get anywhere without building a new image file. To do this you’ll need another development PC first. One with lots of RAM and PCI slots. And while you’re at it you may as well use QNX 6.3.0 instead of 6.1, you won’t regret it.

This is a IBM Aptiva, no PCI, just ISA slots.

My connection is very bad, took 5 hours to download the 28 MB file.
It runs well on my main computer 2Ghz 384MB machine.

The demo disk works good on the 486, ive gotten it online thru my
main machine. But it will only work in 4 bit color.

Plus since QNX removed the extentions, i cant get any new stuff for the demodisk.

What i would like is a QNX that will run well on my 486 with 16 MB memory.
Something that can surf the net, access the 1.2 GB HD to store files, hopefully play mp3s edit text files etc.

Also i noticed that QNX wont work with my optical mouse on my main computer, but works fine with a old ball mouse, both are ps/2.

The 486 has a Cirrus Logic CLGD5426 card, is this supported (other than plain vga) in qnx ?

BTW there was not ‘s’ , i just meant alot of dots, it get so many dots, then just reboots.

Guess i’ve been away from QNX too long???

I remember building plenty of systems with full GUI and Browser functionality with less RAM than that…

Mind you, i’ve not used QNX since 4.25, so have things gone downhill with respect to embedded functionality?


Depends how you defined downhill. QNX6 has more features and is more flexible. It does take more resources, but with some work it can set close to QNX4

Ok, lack of PCI is definitly your problem then.

Your big machine will be suitable for building a small image for making the 486 work.

Get a friend that has broadband to grab the latest QNX 6.3.0 for you. Or someone could snailmail a copy. This won’t have any PS/2 mouse problems either. And once enabled even USB mouses work a treat. :slight_smile:

I dont suppose i could convince anyone to create such a system for me ? One that will run a browser on my 486, as small as possible that I could download whatever else I needed seperatly ? BTW I have a soundblaster, IDE harddrive/cdrom, and a NE2000 network card, all ISA, the video is cirrus logic, built in on a local bus, i think the IDE is localbus too ??? OR could i build this with the 6.1 i downloaded (the 28MB windows installed version ?)

Not likely, and No you need the full 6.1 kit.