RTP sys admin guide

I am writing an RTP sys admin guide that should answer some of the questions asked here and on other newsgroups. Currently, it is a work-in-progress, little more than an outline with notes and reminders to myself, along with some unedited text. There are probably more questions than answers at the moment, but the guide might help a few people now and should become an increasingly useful technical resource in the future.

We are making the guide available at this early stage in its development as an experiment. The idea is to encourage you to participate in the information development process just as you participate in our product development process. We want to make the guide as useful as we can and for that, nothing beats input from actual users. I am hoping you will respond to this experiment in a very positive way and you can be sure that I will use anything you care to tell me to make the guide as useful as I can.

Access the work-in-progress from http://support.qnx.com/support/docs/

I would like to hear from anyone who wants to comment, either here on the newsgroup or by email.


David P. Whelan, Technical Writer
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