ESS Maestro 1/2/2E driver is available for download

If you have a ESS Maestro audio chip in yur QNX box, here’s good news.
Point your Voyager to
Read the description. There link to binary package and source at the end.
The driver will work with Maestro 1/2/2E (1968, 1978) but not with
Maestro3/Allegro, nor with ISA Maestro’s (1869).

Source of this driver will be very interesting for people who want to port
ALSA drivers for their chipsets to QNX. Basically, this driver is ‘wrapper’
for ALSA code and once you see how it is done, it should not be hard to do
it for other chips. I’ve started this port without any prior experience with
ALSA or writing audio drivers in general. All one needs is decent knowledge
of C and free time. If there’s interest, I could write an article on the
subject so it would be easier to get started.

Enjoy your music,

  • Igor