QNX Developers Community


I’ve just joined QNX as a manager of the QNX Developer’s Community - my job
is to make sure your needs as developers are being properly met through QNX
programs and initatives. This includes listening to your needs as
developers and ensuring that we have the right “stuff” in place to support

For some background info, I’ve been in DSP tools development for Texas
Instruments for a number of years so the embedded world is not new to me,
but the QNX aspect of it is. I’d like us to work together as developers and
exchange ideas in what we can do to further foster a great developer
community. As a start, I’d appreciate your taking a bit of time in answering
some questions about the on-line QNX developer’s network (QDN.QNX.COM) as it
is today - your feedback will serve to improve your (and your customers’)
experiences with a growing network of QNX developers/experts…

In your mind, what makes a good on-line community?
What are some of your favourite on-line developer portals? Why?
What portion(s) of the QDN website (qdn.qnx.com) do you find most/least
useful for helping you in your development?
What would you like to see more/less of in QDN (eg. would you like to see
more interaction with other users)?
What do you find QNX can do to improve the developer perception of QNX?
These are some questions - feel free to add your comments and expand as you
see fit. Send me your feedback, your suggestions, and anything you’d like to
see change as we start this process. Your input is incredibly valuable in
making this happen!


Haris Blentic
Developer Community Specialist