IEC-61499 event at SPS/IPC/Drives-2002 Congress

Perspectives of practical application of new global standard IEC-61499

IEC-61499 is an upcoming global standard addressing software
architectures of distributed automation systems. In the year 2003 the
standard is expected to take its final shape and will be accepted by the
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). In order to help the
players on the automation market place to adopt the standard and benefit
out of it, two tutorials [in ENGLISH] are being organized at the
SPS/IPC/Drives Congress in Nuremberg Nov. 26, 2002

The tutorial will be conducted by:

Dr. James Christensen
the leader of IEC working groups on IEC61499 and IEC61131-3,
Rockwell, USA

  • He is the initiator of the IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 standard !

Dr. Valeriy Vyatkin
Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany

Franz Auinger
PROFACTOR Production research, Austria

Armin Steinhoff
STEINHOFF Automation & Fieldbus-Systems, Germany

Who has interest should register asap!
More info at:

in Englisch

in German

in Russian

BTW, QNX6 based IEC61499 Targets will be available in 2003 !

  • Jutta