MIB Compiler

Hello All,

I’m using QNX 4.25 , TCPIP v5.0.
This time I have come back again with a query on SNMP Agent.
Perhaps I was not clear in my previous mail.

1.I was trying to use the MIB Compiler, smic.
I ran used the utility as follows,
“smic IncludeFile.test”
The contents of the IncludeFile.test is as follows :
#include “rfc1215.mib”
#addOpt “c r w b 7”

The file rfc1215.mib was got from RFC and mstrip’ped. .

The smic failed and there were errors (listed as below):

rfc1215.mib), (1,11) syntax error
rfc1215.mib), (1,21) Syntax for module header is
e> [] “DEFINITIONS” “::=” “BEGIN”
rfc1215.mib), (3,20) Unrecognized definition type - item skipped
rfc1215.mib), (3,33) syntax error
rfc1215.mib), (26,1) Unrecognizable item in module - skipping to end

Can you please provide any clue.

  1. Also What is the output of MIB compiler.
    I have confusions here.
    a) Is it only used to check the syntax checking of the MIB??
    b) ** I mean does it provide the skeleton code(.c and .h file) to implement the MIB module to extend the Snmp Agent** ??.


Hello All,

I have made the query clearer. Pls give inputs. Eagerly waiting for them.