QNX support for PICMG 2.16?

We will be running QNX 6 on CompactPCI boards that support the PICMG 2.16 spec for ethernet style communications across the backplane. Is this transparent to QNX, or require a special technique?

Thanks ~ Dan

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acttechnico.com/body_sbc_cpci.html seems to say PICMG 2.16 and QNX are supported.

PICMG 2.16 is also supported in the SBS Technologies CR9 CompactPCI boards that we will be using. I am wondering how this is actually implemented for the software API.

I guess no one here has used ethernet across the backplane with QNX? I am surprised; I thought this would be more common.

PICMG 2.16 Tutorial:

I would like to find out whether the 2.16 spec is supported within QNX, and if it requires proprietary drivers from the board manufacturer.

Thanks ~ Dan