mail tools for QNX: mutt, gpg, etc, useful for PGP mail


I’ve collected the tools I use to do pgp encrypted mail using
mutt on QNX4. The tools can probably be individually mixed and
matched, I use them both for IMAP on a LAN (at work) and POP3
on a PPP link (at home), and put together a short description of
how to set them up.

PGP is pretty heavily used in the Linux/BSD worlds for authentication
and encryption, including signing of src and binaries, and more
and more people are using these kind of tools to bring a little
privacy to internet email.

--------- mail.html --------------

This is brief outline of what it takes to set up a full set of mail
tools on QNX4. It should work similarly with Neutrino but I’ve only
tested devc-random and gpg on it.

You need a number of tools for a functional e-mail system on a unix-like
box, here’s here’s what I’m using:

  • MTA - I use mailer-0.45, a trivial to configure SMTP server, it delivers
    locally, and can cache and forward mail for delivery later, from your
    ip-up ppp script for example. It’s got a few bugs, but not that prevent
    it from doing what I need.

  • MUA - I use mutt, possibly the best mail program in existence, it has
    particularly nice support for MIME, mailing lists, and pgp.

  • PGP - I use GNU Privacy Guard (gpg), an implementation of OpenPGP.

  • Entropy - I use a port of Linux’s random.c to a QNX4 and Nto device
    driver that I did. A high quality source of true random data is
    essential to cryptographic programs such as GNU Privacy Guard, this
    device aims to be that.


I’d be curious if this is useful for anybody, it should be close
to PnP.


Sam Roberts (, Cogent Real-Time Systems (
“News is very popular among its readers.” - RFC 977 (NNTP)