Qnx that fits on a floppy?

An old timer buddy of mine swears that he had, a couple of years ago, a qnx distro that fit on a floppy that ran with an included web browser. I can’t find this (so far). I would like to find it to play with myself and surprise him with a copy, too. Anybody got a clue where I can download it?

if anyone has an answer, could you be kind enough to post here or write to
that’s two underscores.

thank you.


a quick search of “qnx floppy” on this site will give you such information. read though those discussions and come back if you have more questions.

Yeah, it was an interesting demo and certainly netted QNX a lot of publicity for it. You can download either version from here: public.planetmirror.com/pub/qnx/demodisk/

You basically create a floppy with these images and boot the floppy.


I’ve played around with that demo a little bit, and I found a point where you could d/l some extra stuff from www.qnx.com . I couldn’t test it out, because I couldn’t get my NIC to work, but I was wondering if that site can still be contacted through the demo ( I couldn’t when I got back onto windows ) or if there is another place where one could d/l the add-ons. Thanks in advance!


I don’t think www.qnx.com supports that demo floppy disk anymore. This article may be helpful?

Thanks a bunch noc. You’re my QNX hero! Now once I figure out my NIC stuff I’ll be able to do something with the demo other than stare at the vector art for hours, lol ^_^. Thanks again!