Need QNX Driver for Samsung NAND Flash on 686CORE

My company, Boston Dynamics, is currently looking for a consultant to write a NAND-Flash device driver for a 686CORE controller (see ASAP if you’re interested.

Do you really want to “interface the OS as an IDE device”? Or rather you just want a file system on the flash - as in ‘devf-yourdriver’. Does the file system have to be support all the POSIX semantics (since flash file systems don’t)? Are you running 6.3 and if so, do you have the appropriate TDK to write this kind of driver?


To create a devb-* type driver, you need access to api’s which are not public - ie. the apis that devb-eide uses when it loads all the shared objects it uses. If you can get access to the source of an existing devb-* driver (from QSS), you may be able to adapt it. This source would have to be current for the version of QNX you are using since the apis (which are private) have changed with each OS rev.


Rick, there is a new driver with 6.3 flash TDK … Filesystem