RT, Emb. and custom software development


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A large offshore company Novosoft Inc. (www.novosoft.ru) has been providing
competitively priced high-quality software development services for more
than eight years. One of our divisions specializes in

  1. System applications for Windows xx, Palm OS, and various Unixes
  2. Drivers for Windows and Unix platforms
  3. Porting and development of multi-platform applications, development and
    support of applications for various operating systems.
  4. Real-time applications for Linux RT, VxWorks, OS-9, QNX
  5. Programming of controllers based of Intel x86/51, Motorola 68k and
    others, uC Software Development.
  6. Software for digital signal processors (for example, ADSP 21xx).
  7. Complex systems for collection, inspection and monitoring of information.

Please contact me if you are interested in either of the above to discuss
the terms and conditions of our work. I will be happy to answer any


Andrey Chepel
Sales Manager
Embedded & Real-time Systems Programming Group
Novosoft ViaNet Department

Phone +7-3832-333649, +7-3832-397261
Fax: +7-3832-396358
Custom software development and web design since 1992