[question] how to make a static library using ar utility?

I have used qnx 6.3.0 and 6.2.1
To make a static library, as you see below i used ‘ar’. but some error happned. Threre was no problem to make a object file.

Please, help me…

$ make
ar uvsc …/…/libmgtcan.a mgtcan.o
ar: …/…/libmgtcan.a: No such file or directory
make: *** […/…/libmgtcan.a] Error 9

.SUFFIXES = .c .o

OBJECTS = mgtcan.o
SRCS = $(OBJECTS:.o=.c)
CC = qcc
INCDIR = -I./include
CFLAGS = -Vgcc_ntoppcbe $(INCDIR)
PROG = …/…/libmgtcan.a

ar uvsc $(PROG) $(OBJECTS) $(LIBES)
rm -f *.o

clean :
rm -rf $(OBJECTS) core

instead of “ar uvsc”, you should use “ar rvsc”.
u - update (assuming the file libmgrcan.a already exists).
r - insert (will create if not exist).