installation error


I just want to boot my qnx6.2.1nc or qnx6.2pe cd to install qnx on a partition.
I have free space on primary partition but I always get the message:

“No QNX6.1 filesystems or greater available to mount!”

In verbose mode there is a mount error too, only a little bit later.

thanks for help!

Delete the primary partition you intend to install QNX onto. The installer wants “raw” free space.

I solved the problem: It was my dvd-drive which doesn’t work with qnx!!!After I tried another one the installation succeeded.

I’m not sure about qnx 6.2 but 6.0 and 6.1 both had an issue with the cd drive being slave on the secondary ide cable. The fix was to set it to master or put it on the primary cable.