Error Starting Process (Exec Error:Launching Failed)

Sorry if that’s the incorrect place to post in, but uhh…I’m a total newbie at this, it’s the first time I compile anything for QNX.

I got the trial version of QNX Momentics, which I’m running on Windows XP.
It’s all fine and dandy, I made a new QNX C++ project, it started with a kind of “hello world” example and I defined some build targets.
I performed a build and it seemed to run “make” and appearantly compile it for all target processors without errors. I proceeded to run the X86 target (the project was called “Test” and the binary “Test_g”) from the IDE, which immediately halted with “Error starting Process”. ‘>> Details’ gives the informative description as follows: “Exec Error:Launching Failed”.

I tried running it directly from Windows by renaming it and got an error message: Program too big to fit in memory. I tried installing Cygwin and running it from the shell, which also didn’t work.

I suppose this binary is an executable for QNX. Do I need to install QNX on the machine just to test what I write? Is there any way to tell the compiler to generate an executable for windows/linux? And lastly, is there a way to integrate whatever is needed to run it with the IDE so I could conviniently run my programs?

I’m kind of stumped with this atm. I know this should be a trivial matter but I can’t get it to work :frowning:

Edit: I used a “C/C++ Local” project.

You are correct that the binary is an executable for QNX. You can transfer it to a QNX machine to test it, or run QNX within VMWare on your Windows XP. There are many discussions on QNX and VMWare. Search and read them.

noc: Speaking of searching, the google search option disappears when I login here.