How to set /dev/ser1 at startup when QNX gets it wrong on it

Dumb newbie question. I downloaded QNX rtp and have started playing
around with it. For some reason, the serial port assigned to my modem does
not get set up correctly at boot time (instead of getting the first serial
port assigned to the standard 3F8 IRQ 4 it’s set to something else like,
from memory, 3E8 IRQ 3 and my second, generally unused but nice to have just
in case I need it, port does not even get set up at all). I finally figured
out how to fix it (manually, that is). However, I’d like to know what
procedure I should follow to get it set up correctly automatically on boot
up so I don’t have to do it by hand every time (curiously enough, the QNX on
a floppy demo had no trouble with this issue). It looks like it should be
fairly trivial to anybody experienced in Linux or any other Unices but that
description does not resemble me (I’m guessing I could figure out something,
but I’m wondering if there’s a right way to do it).
Another weird (but unrelated) thing is that once I got the modem
working, I couldn’t get a ppp established except by hand. I write it’s weird
because, again, the demo on a floppy had no trouble at all. I guess I’m
going to have to figure out how to set up a script for it.

August Pamplona


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