How to setup Lan to connect to internet???

I am newer for qnx! I am in compus. how can i setup my lan to connect to internet ! My lan card is Realtek RTL8139(A). The network is compus net which is connecting to internet and i have ip.
how to setup??
thank you

If your card is recognised automatically by QNX (and I think it should be), and your LAN has a DHCP server, then it should simply be a matter of plugging into the network.

If you do not have DHCP on the LAN (your sysadmin will be able to tell you this), then use the Configure->Network control panel accessible from the Launch menu, and type in the details you will have been given, such as default gateway address etc.

If your network card does not show up in the Network control panel, then it’s either incorrectly fitted, broken, or not compatible with QNX (although I think it is compatible).

If you are using 6.2.1 and didn’t finish the install properly, you are still running 6.2.0 and it has a bad realtek driver. If that is the case, reinsert the cd and finish the install. If you are running 6.3, then the problem is something different.


Whenever asking a question, please at least post the version of QNX that you are using. This should take out less guess work from us.

i am currently using both, qnx v4.25 and v6.2.1 and
how do i get along with it ??

well - to openly say - without any guessing :
extraordinarily great !!
double :slight_smile:
regards HELGE