6.3 Networking Problems


I have 2 3com 905C NIC’s and the ethernet adapter thats comes with my asus motherboard and I’m not able to ping anything on my lan.

/dev/io-net contains:
en0 en1 ip0 ip_en (no version 6 of IP - is this needed?)

nicinfo says en0 is a 3com unspecified and en1 is a via ethernet adaptor. Which 3com does en0 correspond to??

In phlip I set the addresses for en0 and left en1 blank (it wouldn’t let me disable en1), all of the values are correct.

The following are running: npm-tcpip.so, devn-el900.so, devn-via-rhine.so, ldqnx.so.2

Please let me know if anyone has some suggestions, I’ve tried everything I can think of (fyi most of these settings were already like this when I installed 6.3, I’m presuming it did some sort of hardware detection for the correct drivers)


Boot up the Momentics CD. Does it work with the network devices?

Hi, it doesn’t work with the momentics CD either (also, all of the drivers and settings are identical)


Try to isolate each device to find which ones work and which ones don’t.