Newbie - Can't install ISO to HDD

HELP. I DL’ed the ISO image after trying the demo, and call me stupid, but I
cannot get it to boot through the CD-ROM. I have burn’t it to a CD as it is,
as an ISO CD and a bootable ISO CD, using NERO burning ROM. Where do I get a
boot image from? Is the ISO bootable?

All that I get is either (Boot from IDE CD - failure__ if I use the burnt
copy or the ISO CD copy) or if I use the bootable CD-ROM I have burnt, (Boot
from IDE CD - 1.44 Floopy )

Then regardless, irt goes to the C:\ and boots up windows. If I use an empty
HDD it simply stops. What am I to do to make it work?

Reply trough email if possible:

If there is a install floppy image that I am supposed to put on the CD,
could someone please tell me where to get it.

System Info

WinChip 200
64 Meg RAM
1 Meg generic video
428 Meg HDD

Many Thanks

Greg Norris