Question on new QNX install

I have down loaded the ISO image of QNX Realtime.

I installed it into a separate partition via the boot floppy and boot
to QNX via Boot Magic. No problems easy install. Wish Windows was so

2 questions.

  1. I have a Matrox Mystique video card. QNX recognizes it and I can
    set 16 bit color but only 640 x 480 not 1024 x 768 as recommended.
    Any one else using this video card. Try to change to 800 x 600 by
    modifying the config command but system refused to run up after that
    and i re-installed.

  2. How do I format a floppy? I have mounted the floppy disk and I’m
    sure that when I worked on Centigram voice mails the command was
    either “format /dev/fd0” or “fd /dev/fd0”. I have looked thru the
    /bin directory but there is no format or the like command .

The reason that I am trying QNX rather than one of the Linux flavors
is because it was such a stable platform on the Centigram voicemail

Thanx in advance.