how to install software from qnxdisc!!???

i install qnx from vmare4.0 in win2000, but i want to use “installer” in qnx
to install some softwares on the cdrom.but "installer "does’t read from the cd-rom. yet i can mount the cdrom.
how can i do !!

my version of qnx is qnx6.2.0 (nc)
i will wait for your help!1

Can you list the files on the cdrom from within qnx?

ls /fs/cd0

I would also consider upgrading both your vmware (I am running 4.5.2 in Windows 2000) and QNX (to 6.3.0) since I know for a fact they both work good together. There is actually support for vmware in QNX 6.3 (video driver) and it may be possible your problem is related to a bug in vmware 4.0?