Burned the iso into CD what next? Helppppp!

Hi all

I have burn the iso in to disk what next to install the QNX

I am installing into a old P2 PC no OS on board what should i do

Please advice


Put in the CD, choose ‘boot from CD’ in your BIOS and follow the instructions presented on screen.

I did that but the system hang at the start up while the CD rom is busy…

Your CD rom is OK ?

That’s true, verify the cd with one of the sums on this page:

If you have access to a unix type OS then something like the following command should work:
dd if=/dev/cd0 bs=2k count=268096 | cksum

It can boot my window disk but just cant boot the qnx disk
i try it on my new PC the boot disk did work

ant way just to check just the NC version come with the c complier??

How far does it get? What is the final message?

Thanks for all your reply

I got another cd rom and it work now

i think is the cd rom fault

thanks anyway for the advices