SNMP Agent

Hello All,

I’m working on QNX 4.25 and TCP/IP 5.0.
We use Watcom 10.6 compiler and we recently got the source code of snmp from QSS.
We have got only three directories services, lib and utils.

My objective is to provide agent extension for a MIB got from RFC . I would like your help regarding this.

I have few queries with regards to the same:

  1. Whether the SNMP Agent is Extensible?? If so how ??
    Becoz there is no where its mentioned in Help or thru the documentation at the I was browsing thru the source code. But couldn;t get a clear picture. Can you thru some light so that i can proceed in the correct way.

  2. Does smic(MIB compiler) help us in anyway for this??

Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Divakar Yadavalli

I would suggest you post your SNMP questions to the net-snmp mailing list where there are lots of SNMP experts.

Sorry for cross-posting, it was at higher priority to me.
Will not be repeated.

But Sir, I;m working on QNX 4.25. Do we have the same net-snmp’s
SNMP Agent software in QNX4.25??
I suspect from the source what I have received from QSS, there are not the same.

Let me know.

Indeed they are not the same hence I don’t think mailing to net-snmp would do any good.

If you have what I think you have I don’t think you can expand it through a MIB compiler

Please, could someone give me a URL how download a snmp agent forn QNX4?