Isa modem (best 33k6.) and Soundblaster 64 PCI problems (ple


I’m a new user and i have two irritating problems…

  1. Qnx doesn’t seem to see my modem (it worked perfectly in the DEMO).

I’ve already tried:
slay devc-ser8250
devc-ser8250 -u1 2e8, -u2 3e8,7 & (i think the first
is my com -port adress…i used it because my modem is on COM4)

When i used Qtalk -m /dev/ser1 afteward and gave the ATZ command Qtalk
responded with OK, but when i try to connect to my ISP the dialer can’t use
my modem…

I think it might be an IRQ / Port problem… How can i find out what the
adresses are???

2. I have a soundblaster 64 PCI and i just doesn’t work… How can i get it
to work???

Any Ideas???

Thanx in advance :slight_smile: