CGI question

I may be doing this the wrong way, but here goes. Here’s a simplified
version of the issue. I have a web page to display that has radio
buttons with options for various settings. I want to set the radio
buttons to their current setting.

For the current setting, I have a file CONFIG.INI that has the
following line in it (and others):

The page to be displayed includes a radio button that allows the
person to change UNITS to either “KG” or “LB” with a radio button.

I want to set UNITS to the current value from the CONFIG.INI file.

| Units: @ KG | ← shows current value from CONFIG.INI
| O LB |


I’m trying to do this with server side includes (SSI) similar to the

<INPUT ID=“FormsRadioButton7” TYPE=RADIO NAME=“UnitsWeight” VALUE=“kg”


…where the script looks up the value in the file and outputs “CHECKED”
to cause the radio button to be selected.

The problem is that slinger isn’t doing the SSI. If I do this:
it runs the script, but the script doesn’t get any parameters.

Anyone see a problem with doing this? Is there a different way?
Can it be done?