Problems with Matrox Mystique Driver and HP A4033A Monitor!!

I am using a Siemens Scenic PD5XX Pc that comes with a on-board Matrox Mystique display adapter. Photon seems to have detected the adapter correctly. However, I tend to see screen redraw problems when I browse the web with voyager. The mouse pointer also tends to flicker from time to time.

Also I cannot view my MPEG-1,MPEG-2 and Realvideo files, all i get is just the audio and the video is completely black. This video files work fine with Windows Media Player and Xanim. I even tried changing the preferences under QNX Media Player with no improvements whatsoever.

I am also experiencing redraw problems with Xphoton. This is obvious when I scroll through the DDD Debugger menus.

What could be the problem? Is it a driver problem? Is it possible for me to change my resolution to 1152x864?

I also am using a 21-inch HP A4033A monitor. Is there a way for me to change my refresh rates higher than 60hz?

Thanks in advance.