Laptop installation a success! Well... mostly.

Wow… I never believed it possible, but I actually got QNX RTP installed on my laptop. This laptop has been OS finicky beyond all human imagination; I couldn’t get any of the BSDs to install on it… The only Linux distro whose installation would work was Mandrake’s. The Windows 98 install would crash repeatedly. The BeOS install wouldn’t even start.

However, the QNX install was surprisingly smooth and easy. My screen was undetected and defaulted to 16 color VGA at 640x480, but a quick change in my screen config / advanced to:
io-graphics -g800x600x24 -P/usr/photon/palette/lcd.pal
has left me with a beautiful display.

Unfortunately, my ethernet pc-card (Linksys NP100) doesn’t work, and my no-name generic sound card doesn’t work (no big deal). Anyone have any network cards (at a reasonable price) that they recommend for QNX RTP?

Also, when I open a term and begin to do things, for some reason the term scrolls at a painfully slow rate. Desktop config is unusable and crashes the comp. Anything I can do to improve the term?

BTW, my laptop is a Eurocom 6200AT.