Photon PtAppContext

I have an app that was written under Photon 1.12 and am now tring to
compile under Photon 1.14. I keep getting erros on the variable passed to
a user defined AppProcessEvents. The passed variable is of type PtAppContext_t. The compiler complains that symbol tail has not been defined. Example of use:

void UserAppProcessEvent(PtAppCentext_t app)
if (app->work_procs.tail == NULL)

I can not find were PtAppContext declared anywhere.

If anyone could give me some insite on this, I would appreciate it.

It’s been a while since I worked on the Photon docs, but as I recall, PtAppContext_t is an internal structure that you really aren’t supposed to poke around in and (as you’ve discovered) can change from one release to another. What is the code using it for?