Can't install 6.21nc!!! (mouse can't use,qnxinstall fail)

Oh, i meet many problem when install 6.21nc, it confused myself.
1)It can’t install under windows, while 6.20nc successful.
2)When use CD install, at the second boot to set video-card, i can’t use
my mouse(USB mouse), while 6.20nc is ok.
3)When boot third time, into qnx graphic, i still can’t use mouse. and whatever i use qnxinstall load CD, it prompt “/fs/cd0/reposetory… line 1”
Oh my god! i’ve tried many many times, who can help me.

Grab a PS/2 mouse from somewhere and use that to get up and running. Then configure the system to use your USB mouse.

Hi sunfammer

I’m having problems with mouse as well.
Tried starting with serial mouse but that does not work either.
Do you have a solution for me??