What's the relationship between QNX and Neutrino?

Previously, ZAX wrote in comp.os.qnx:

QNX is the generic name for the operating systems
provided by QSSL, QNX Software System Limited.

This includes:

QNX 1.0 - Original version
QNX 2.+ - Basically 1.0 upgraded

QNX 4.+ - A complete rewrite of QNX 2 that included POSIX compliance
along with other features.

Note all of these OS’s were x86 only.

Neutrino or
QNX Neutrino - The latest OS from QSSL. It was written to be processor
independent and now runs on x86, PPC, Mips, with Arm rumored to
be in the works.

QRTP (QNX Real Time Platform) or
Neutrino QRTP

  • This is a specific packaging of Neutrino 2.1 which is available for
    download and free non-commercial use.

    Now, having said all this, some in this newsgroup might
    still mean QNX 4 when saying “QNX”. Others might mean
    QNX Neutrino, or QRTP. I recommend that when you are
    asking questions about a specific OS, that you be specific,
    as in:

QNX4 or QRTP or Neutrino.

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