LAN <> Remote Dial Up problem (Thanks to help, merci pour vo

Hello everybody, bonjour à tous

When I install QNXRTP from scratch (home computer running Win98), I can
access Internet via my modem (external real modem) without any problem.

I have another home computer, 486 running Win95. I want to use it as a
printer server (Samba). They are connected via Ethernet cards (NE2000).

This network card is not detected at installation time by the ‘QNX system’.
So I’m using io-net (manually for the moment, in terminal mode) to specify
my NE2000 parameters:

io-net -dne2000 ioport=0x300,irq=3 -pttcpip if=en0: & (the
Win95 system has

Once done, I can ping both systems from each other, but when I try to get a
remote connection from QNX, I get the following messages:

connect 57600
Link Established
Negotiating PPP connection
pppd[737318-1]: pppd 2.3.5 started by root, uid 0
pppd Started
pppd[737318-1]: Using interface ppp0
pppd[737318-1]: Connect: ppp0 <–> /dev/ser1
pppd[737318-1]: Remote message: Authenticated
pppd[737318-1]: ioctl (SIOCGIFFLAGS): No such device or address
pppd[737318-1]: ioctl (SIOCGIFFLAGS): No such device or address
pppd[737318-1]: Connection terminated.
PPPD connection closed

If I restart QNX without this io-net command, the remote connection is OK

Any help will be welcome.

Seasons greetings.