recently i tried out the qnx demo and it worked perfectly . i tried it
out on several pentium-1’s and had it configured and dialed up to
the “net” in a matter of maybe 60 seconds!

then tried qnx platform and it did not work at all on any of my machines
even though the correct serial ports were detected. all machines are
using standard isa type modems. i either fail to initialize the modem
or on one machine get a solid lock up.

not only did the machines run the demo version perfectly…
they also work fine with win3x, win9x, dos, beos , os/2 , nde and linux.

any ideas why qnx platform cannot initiate an isa modem. some are plug
and play and one is a jumper type…and i’ve tried all the combinations
from ser1 - ser4

???thank you!!!


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