Can't find Gcc..

Ok, I’ve got RTP installed on my PC and it seems to work fine (other than not
recognizing my WINMODEM!). Question: how/where do i find/install GCC and QCC
and the Photon App Builder? I saw something about having to get these off
the CD (repository?). With the RTP CD in (.iso version), i clicked on Package
Manager and selected Repository on CDROM. Came up with a list of files (GCC
was one of them, so i thought i was on the right path) clicked install, and i
BELIEVE it installed. I opened up a terminal window and typed gcc and said it
couldn’t find the file in /bin/sh? Do i have to take other steps to install or
move the files to this directory?

Here’s the weird thing: i thought maybe the install didn’t work, so i tried it
again and this time it asked me for the license for Voyager? Since i didn’t
have one, it exited the “install”. I think i’m missing a step here or
something …can anyone get me pointed in the right direction?

Sorry, new to all this…