chkfsys and QNX6

I have, I believe, a corrupted filesystem on my QNX6.2.1 HD. When I attempt to boot, I get ‘hit esc for .altboot…etc’ and then it waits. I booted up from CD and attempted to chkfsys the HD, but the system responds with “This file does not contain a QNX4 filesystem.” This happens for both ‘chkfsys /dev/hd0’ and ‘chkfsys /dev/hd0t79’. I am at the point of just re-installing but I have some data on the disk I’d like to recover first. Any hints?


chkfsys -m /dev/hd0t79

Unfortunately, same problem with the -m flag. Im booting with the 6.2.1NC iso, if that makes a difference.

Actually, that might be a problem. I recommend booting from either the 620 or 630 discs.

The other way to use chkfsys is to hit the mount point, eg: chkfsys /fs/hd0-qnx

I booted from a 630 disc with the same results. chkfsys chokes. mount chokes. dcheck works and finds all sectors clean. I can spatch /dev/hd0 but don’t know what I’m looking for.

I believe that somehow I corrupted the boot sector in trying to get this HD to boot as a slave disk using grub. Unless I hear something revelatory by tomorrow night, I’m just throwing in the towl and rebuilding.

Thanks for all the help.

If that’s the case, you can re-install the loader. Check out the dloader docs.