How to install on laptop without CDROM?

This might look like a silly question, but i want to install
the free QNX version on my old laptop (Compaq Contura 400,
16MB Ram, 350MB HD, 486 cpu, no CDROM, no Windows on it).

I don’t have an external CDROM, either.

Can i anyhow nfs-mount the CD from my Alpha-Linux box through
a PLIP (Laplink) cable from the floppy started QNX?

Is there a possibility to run a mini linux distribution, make
a partition on the laptop, copy the CD onto it and install from there?
But: i have only limited disk space.

What the heck is the .tar.F format?
Can i untar that with linux’s tar? I assume it’s compressed, but
not with compress, bzip2 nor gzip.
If that would work, i could establish a PPP link to my alpha
box from a mini linux and untar the tarfile directly onto
the partition.

Any helpful hints?

Thanks in advance,

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