Photon dual monitor

Hi all!
I recently installed QNX RTP. Does Photon support multi monitor?

Even if it can’t (I thought I read somewhere that it can), I don’t really
care so long as I can use one card, but unfortunately with 2 VGA cards in
(AGP TNT2 and PCI Diamond Viper V330 [Riva 128], with the TNT2 as the
primary display adapter) the only display mode I can use is VGA (640X480,
4bit). If I try using the TNT or even the VESA display drivers, the screen
gets totally garbled up (even at 60Hz refresh).

When I remove the PCI Riva 128, I can use the TNT drivers at whatever
resolution bit depth, and refresh rate I want. According to both graphics
chips are supported, albeit with beta drivers.

Is there any workaround? Or am I doomed to 640 X 480 X 16 colors if I refuse
to remove the secondary display adapter?

best regards,