A few newbie problems


I have just installed QNX fro a cover CD and I have a few basic problems.

  1. My sound card seems to be recognised (I think) but there is no sound.
    It is a soundblaster 16 (ISA) which works in winows, linux etc.

  2. I have installed Bash to get tab completion but i can’t find where to
    put any configuration options, aliases , PS1 details etc. I have to say I
    had hte same problem with sh (or is it ksh?) that came with QNX, I have
    tried creating ~/.bash_profile nad .bashrc but it makes no difference
    although I could be missing some commands in these files I suppose.

  3. I have been trying to mount my linux partitions with no success (and
    vice versa). I am guessing this might be a problem because I have
    installed into the Windows partition on my drive ratehr than giving QNX its
    own partition, yet.

Any help would be much appreciated.