Flickerless Animation qnx4.25/photon1.14

It is not happening for me. I’m emulating the pmmemtobutton.c code
on the PmMemCreateMC help page. And it works, except it is not

Basically some other proceedure is drawing like


PmMemFlush(mc, &theImage);

and then does
PtDamageExposed(, );

The actually draw routine does
PgDrawPhImagemx(&theCanvas.ul, &theImage, Pg_GHOST);
But it flickers.

Looking at the ShadowBox example widget I tried
surounding the
PtSuperClassDraw( PtBasic, widget, damage );
call with

PgColor_t color = basic->fill_color;
basic->fill_color = Pg_TRANSPARENT;
PtSuperClassDraw( PtBasic, widget, damage );
basic->fill_color = color;

but this didn’t help.

I’m using a raw Widget, the PhImage_t and the PmMemoryContext_t
is constructed at the raw Widget’s init-time.

What am I missing?

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