QNX4 LPD print spool buffer size limitation

I have a problem here from a customer that I hope someone else has
seen & solved:

We are using LPD printing in our QNX ICA clients from
an NT/Metaframe Server.

Our QNX client is limited to 8M flash and 15meg RAM.
We configured a spool directory to be inside a RAM
drive using 4M of the 15M.

It is only possible to print small print jobs,
remember that one page of bitmap/graphics fills the
spool directory with 1Meg print data.

If the file to be printed is larger than the size
of the RAM disk, NT/LPD is clever enough to to start
the print job.

We have attemted to setting the contents of the
/spool/minfree/ file to 128,
this does not help, the only other possibility we
can see is the ‘mx’ switch in the /etc/printcap.

the contents of our printcap file is currently as follow:
where ‘uniterm’ is the name given to the client /etc/hosts file.

Is there some way that we can overcome this problem
of printing print-jobs which are larger than the total
capacity of the spool directory ?

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