Custom boot/install disk?

I need a custom boot disk to install QNX 6 on my old laptop without
PCI. It has a port replicator with an Adaptec SCSI controller that is
supported by the aha2 driver, which unfortunately is not on the
boot/install image provided. :stuck_out_tongue: I also need the disk to not check for
the PCI bus. Ideally it should alter QNX as its installed so I don’t
have to do the hack later to avoid the PCI check.

I have a SCSI CD-R drive I want to do the install from.

I did the Windows install of QNX 6 on my desktop so its available
for whatever I need to do to make the custom disk. It sees the
boot/install floppy but will not show its contents in File Manager. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve asked this in the other QNX groups but its either gone unanswered
or nobody knows how to make a custom boot/install disk. :frowning:
(Why answer just to say you don’t know???)